Monday, February 2, 2015

HANA Free Training with Sponsorship of H1B & Green Cards

 HANA Free Training in USA

Offering - HANA Free Training with job placement assistance, adjustable timing on weekdays and weekends. Daily interview practice sessions, sponsorship of H1B & Green Cards for qualified candidates.
Opt Online HANA Free Training or SAP HANA Free Training in Class in USA with accommodation and visa assistance.   

We are an e-verified company helping on excellent pay scale on hourly and regular salary benefits. Experts will guide on building confidence on SAP HANA to attend interviews to get succeed.

For Free HANA Training we provide facilities like 

Servers & Network with 24/7 remote access for students
Professional trainers with extensive experience
Guest Lectures from experts who have hands on experience
Personal attention to everyone
Customized training programs 

There are thousands of employers who are unable to find qualified SAP HANA Trained Professionals to match their demand since we solve staffing problems of many of the companies you get the most attractive salary and career on SAP HANA from our end.

We also provide guidance on SAP HANA Certification.

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